Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Management Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 6

Management Portfolio - Essay Example Site work shall involve grading, drainage, and other on-site utilities that are necessary for the operation of the service facility. The project location consists of 100 acres of land. The scope of the project includes engineering, procurement, and construction for the site-work and two initial buildings. A soil investigation, legal boundary survey, and contour mapping is already provided by the owner, thus the present project contract will no longer cover these activities. Special procurement will include an overhead crane for the industrial building and an elevator conveying system for the administrative office building. The maintenance (or industrial) building shall have a 40-foot clear ceiling height, with a 20-ton overhead crane. The owner anticipates that 45 employees shall be using the building during the day shift and plans to expand work to include a night shift at some future time. A small office area and a shop with machining equipment will be located in the industrial building. A wash-down area is to be provided for washing and servicing of truck vehicles (Oberlender 2000, p. 329). Project management aims to execute, in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible, the design and construction of civil works to the satisfaction of the customer. However, execution should not be undertaken at the expense of the health and safety of construction workers and the public, nor to the degradation of the environment. Thrusts towards green architecture and green engineering have brought to the forefront concerns on health, safety, and sustainability. However, while traditionally thought of as a secondary appendage to construction plans, measures to ensure health and safety have in effect contributed to the reduction of the financial costs of projects. Steps taken to prevent accidents and avoid community hazards and nuisance have effectively created savings to the firm in

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